Caretaker Steals 250,000 Shekels From Elderly Man

September 17, 2014  

A woman in her fifties from the Golan Heights was arrested on Wednesday, after police received information that she had stolen thousands of shekels from an elderly man she cared for over the past nine years.

The woman, who is suspected by police on crimes of fraud, stole a full 250,000 shekels (over $68,000) over the period she worked with the man, who is in his seventies.

The caretaker is thought to have stolen from the elderly man in a serial fashion, reports Channel 10.

On Wednesday morning she was brought in for a discussion at the Akko Magistrates Court on extending her arrest.

According to the fraud unit of the northern district Israeli police which conducted the investigation, the woman manipulated her position as caretaker to steal the large quantity of money over the years.

Likewise, police noted that investigations have revealed the woman made “countless uses of his credit card,” including withdrawals from various ATM machines.

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