Canadian Terrorist Sentenced to 24 Years in Prison

September 19, 2014  

Hiva Mohammed Ali Zadeh, a 30-year-old Ottawa resident who headed a terror cell that was nabbed in 2010, was sentenced to 24 years in prison on Friday after agreeing to a plea bargain on charges of possessing explosives and planning a terror attack. 

Ali Zadeh was in contact with Kurdish rebels associated with the Taliban Islamist terrorist organization, prosecutors said, and in 2009 went to a training camp in Afghanistan. During that time, he practiced using various weapons and trained in assembling explosive devices operated by remote control. 

He returned to Canada in possession of explosives, assembly instructions, and 56 electronic switchboards in order to assemble explosive devices. He also had with him video clips used as propaganda by Islamist terrorist organizations, according to the indictment. 

Ali Zadeh also used an alias and a false email account to establish a terrorist cell, whose members included Misbah al-Din Ahmad, an Ottawa-based X-ray technician who was convicted of intent to carry out terror attacks and being part of a terror cell, and H’oram Shar, a London, Ontario pathologist acquitted on intent to carry out terror attacks.

Shar made clear during the trial, however, that he did participate in transferring money to terrorists and was reportedly “sympathetic” to jihadist ideology. 

Police searched Ali Zadeh’s apartment during the initial investigation and found that the potential bombs were only three parts away from being completed, it was revealed during the trial.

Ali Zadeh did not stop there; he also raised money for his brother – also a Canadian citizen – to purchase an Iranian anti-tank missile launcher.

“Allah willing we will break their backs in their country (ie – Canada),” Ali Zadeh is heard saying on a court recording. 

Ali Zadeh was receiving social security benefits for his wife and two small children, prosecutors said, as he was planning the attacks. 

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