Calls for revenge as terrorist killed by Elor Azariya buried

May 28, 2016  

The family of Abedel Fattah al-Sharif, the Arab terrorist who was neutralized and later killed by IDF soldier Elor Azariya during a terror attack in Hevron in March, buried al-Sharif in Hevron on Saturday, amid demands for revenge.

The body of al-Sharif was returned to his family on Friday, before it was examined at the Al Ahli hospital in Hevron.

Relatives of the dead terrorist called upon Arab residents of Hevron to join in a mass demonstration during al-Sharif’s funeral, which included demands for revenge and the waving of Hamas flags. The body of al-Sharif was also wrapped in a Hamas flag.

Relatives of the soldier now standing trial for killing protested the return of the terrorist’s body and the subsequent funeral.

“It’s outrageous, disturbing, and sad to see the terrorist who came to kill our soldiers receive a mass funeral with calls for revenge against Israel and threats against our son, Elor, while he [the terrorist] is wrapped in a Hamas flag and paraded about like a hero, while Elor is still in jail and accused of manslaughter.”

During a terror attack in March, al-Sharif and an accomplice stabbed an Israeli soldier standing guard in Hevron. While al-Sharif was quickly neutralized, Azariya claims the terrorist suddenly began moving and appeared to be reaching for an explosive device concealed in an unseasonably warm sweater. Azariya then shot al-Sharif, killing him.

While much of Israel’s political leadership rushed to condemn the action, many Israelis protested the arrest and trial of Azariya, who remains in custody awaiting the completion of his trial.

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