Cairo: Journalist Alleges Brutalization by Police

November 24, 2011  

Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy on Thursday accused Egyptian police of taking advantage of her helplessness and assaulting her during a 12-hour detention after she took part in Tahrir Square protests.

“Besides beating me, the dogs of (central security forces) subjected me to the worst assault ever,” Eltahawy said.

“Five or 6 surrounded me, groped… and grabbed…at me and I lost count how many hands tried to get to me…,” she said.

“My left arm and right hand are broken (according) to Xrays,” she said, posting pictures of herself in casts.

Earlier Eltahawy, an award-winning journalist and public speaker on Arab and Muslim issues based out of New York, said she had been released after having been “beaten, arrested in interior ministry.”

Her detention came as thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square demanded an end to military rule. At least 38 people have died and over 3,000 have been injured since Saturday when clashes began.

On Thursday the interim junta ruling the country, headed by Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi, declared a truce in Tahrir Square.

Similar assaults on female activists and journalists taken into custody by security services in countries experiencing the ‘Arab Spring’ are not unusual. Media personality Lara Logan was assaulted by hundreds of men in Tahrir Square at the start of the “Arab Spring” when she became separated from her crew.

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