British summons of Israeli MK ‘act of national terrorism’

July 4, 2016  

Ron Prosor, ex-Ambassador of Israel to the UN and to Britain, commented Monday morning with Rosie Barkai on MK Tzipi Livni’s summons by the British police. Livni was called in for questioning over possible “war crimes” in Operation Cast Lead after she landed in London yesterday, in an act Prosor labels “national terrorism.”

“Democracies need to protect themselves, but what happened here is exactly the opposite – they are continuing to use national terror on the State of Israel and her leaders,” explained Prosor, “Hard work is needed in order to change this universal rule, and create a situation where not every complaint leads to an order of arrest.”

After she was summoned for questioning over supposed ‘war crimes’, an indignant Livni declared in an interview with Army Radio that “Britain has to change its policies.” She added: “It is preposterous to suppose that I would give explanations on decision-making in the Israeli cabinet to the British police. They need to change their protocols; it’s not logical and it’s not acceptable to behave this way.”

The Foreign Ministry last night attacked the actions of Britain: “We expected better behavior from such a close ally as Britain. Israel will act to protect her citizens from legal exploitation”.

Livni’s summons were cancelled after Israel intervened.

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