Bringing Orthodox Jewish Women to the Leadership Table

January 2, 2015  

The topic of women and leadership is central to the Orthodox Jewish community today, National Security Agency (NSA) First Chief Risk Officer Anne Neuberger stated to Arutz Sheva this week – and women can offer much to help solve common issues in the Jewish community. 

“The goals very much are ensuring that women in the Orthodox community feel that they have a way to contribute their talents, feel they’re welcome to contribute their talents, and [that] the community can benefit from that across the spectrum,” Neuberger said, speaking from the Orthodox Union (OU) annual convention in New York.

“Women have unique emotional and social needs, and women being involved in leadership helps ensure that those are addressed,” said Neuberger.

“Women often enjoy bringing people together and working towards getting it down, towards a solution,” she continued. “So there’s that aspect of how women approach a problem.”

Further, she said, “women often have a perspective on some social issues in the community,” citing issues such as single motherhood and children struggling with school. “Since women often deal with these issues more, they can bring those perspectives to community discussions, to help the community make progress on addressing important issues.” 

Neuberger, who also worked with White House Defense Secretary Robert Gates and founded a non-profit for Jewish single mothers, added that many women are “excited” to see the OU incorporating women into leadership roles. 

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