Breivik Apologizes for Not Killing More People

August 25, 2012  

Shortly after the court in Norway sentenced Anders Behring Breivik, who murdered 77 people just over a year ago, to 21 years in prison, he apologized for not having murdered more people.

Asked whether he intends to appeal the sentence that was handed down to him, Breivik said, “Since I do not recognize the authority of the court, I cannot recognize the legitimacy of the punishment it gave me. Accordingly, I cannot appeal.”

When he was asked on Friday whether he wants to apologize or express remorse for his actions, Breivik responded, “I definitely want to apologize. I apologize to all nationalists everywhere that I did not succeed in killing more people.”

Earlier on Friday, the court ruled that Breivik was sane and guilty. In an unusual twist, prosecutors had asked that Breivik be found insane, which would have guaranteed more prison time, while Breivik demanded that he be found guilty.

Breivik insists that he is not insane. He asked to be ruled sane so that his self-proclaimed motive of fighting multiculturalism and “Islamization” would not be dismissed.

The maximum prison sentence for his crimes is 21 years, but under Norway’s preventative detention law, it can be extended if Breivik is considered a danger to society.

Last July, Breivik set off a bomb in Norway’s capital, Oslo, killing eight. He then continued to Utoya island, where teens were enjoying a summer camp, and began a shooting rampage, killing 69 people.

Sounds of joy were heard across Norway on Friday after the court sentenced Breivik. Especially happy were the survivors of the massacre, as well as the families of those killed.

“I want to go visit him in jail only to scream at him for 20 minutes,” one of the survivors said. “I would smash plates on the floor there, but it’s not worth it.”

Another survivor of Breivik’s massacre said after the sentencing that he felt relieved. “You cannot but be happy about it. I believe that this man is crazy, but this is political madness, not mental illness. He is a pathetic little man.”

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