Border Policemen Injured in Rock-Throwing Attack

March 23, 2014  

Palestinian Arab terrorists rioted at Rachel’s Tomb on Sunday, next to Bethlehem, injuring two Border Policemen. One suffered moderate injuries and the second suffered light injuries, according to the Border Police spokesman. 

Arabs from the village of Al Aida, next to the Tomb, hurled an improvised explosive device and firebombs at the policemen. The policemen responded with riot dispersal gear.

The injured policemen have been evacuated in order to receive medical treatment, according to the spokesman. 

The riot broke out less than 24 hours after an IDF raid in Jenin – involving the Israel Police’s SWAT team, the Border Police, and the ISA (Shin Bet) – killed senior Hamas terrorist Hamza Abu Alheja, 20. An Islamic Jihad terrorist and a Palestinian Arab civilian were also killed in the clashes.

The elimination of the terrorist has caused a spike in tension throughout the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, much of which is occupied by Palestinian Arabs who violently deny the land’s Jewish heritage and refuse to accept a Jewish state. 

In response to the Jenin counterterror operation, a joint statement from Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad was released threatening revenge; hundreds of Israelis and journalists were sent “warnings” from Hamas through emails and text messages hours later. 

Stone-throwing also broke out in Jerusalem on Saturday after the arrest announcement, as Palestinian Arabs rioted against security forces. Riot dispersal measures were used against the rioters, after Molotov cocktails were also thrown at Israeli forces. 

The IDF told Knesset Members in mid-2013 that about 200 firebombs and 90 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) had been thrown at the compound since November 2102’s Pillar of Defense military operation in Gaza. That means an average of almost two bombs a day.

The military said that the very tall walls that have been constructed around the compound – nine meters high, or almost 30 feet – have not sufficed to provide security. A roof may be built to fully protect the site.

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