Bomb Explodes on Bat Yam Bus; One Wounded

December 22, 2013  

A bomb exploded on a bus in Bat Yam Sunday afternoon. No passengers were reported injured, but one police officer with the bomb squad was injured as he attempted to disarm the device.

According to reports, passengers noticed a suspicious object on the bus and reported it to the driver, who quickly removed all passengers from the bus. The bomb squad officer got on the bus to disarm the device, but it exploded as he approached it. Paramedics and emergency personnel provided first aid to the lightly injured officer.

Police are on the scene investigating the incident. A spokesperson for the Dan Bus Company said that there twelve passengers on the bus when a passenger alerted the driver that there was a suspicious object on board. The object was in a bag, which one of the passengers opened. Noticing there were wires coming out of the bag, the passenger alerted the driver, who immediately evacuated the passengers.

“The driver showed great alacrity in removing the passengers. He left the bus last, and seconds after he stepped off the bus the bomb went off,” the Dan spokesperson said.

A preliminary police investigation indicates the placement of the bomb was a terrorist act.

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