Bill: Life Sentence without Parole for Terrorists

May 9, 2014  

“Justice Minister Tzipi Livni announced that she will oppose the law because it will hurt the ability of future governments to maneuver,” he stated. “Tzipi – That is the goal of this bill. To disconnect the release of terrorists from diplomatic issues, there is no connection between them.”

Bennett then explained the situation like it is.

“Israeli governments have proven in recent decades that they can’t withstand the pressure and have released repeatedly murderous terrorists,” he noted. “Terrorists; it is not a matter of political debate between the right and the left.”

“The murderers of tomorrow are looking at us and will understand very well what our message is to them if this proposal will pass, and certainly what our message is if this proposal does not pass,” he declared. 

Bennett vowed to ensure that the bill passes, noting that Jewish Home has opposed terrorist releases repeatedly over the past several months. 

“We will fight for this bill until it becomes the law,” he vowed. “We will not relent, we will not give up, until we stop this immoral thing called releasing murderers, for good.” 

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