Biden to terror victim’s son: I know about anti-Israel incitment

March 10, 2016  

Vice President Joe Biden met on Thursday with Micah Lakin Avni, son of Richard Lakin, an American citizen who was murdered in a terrorist attack last October.

Avni told Biden about his father’s efforts as an advocate of coexistence and gave the Vice President two copies of his father’s book, Teaching as an Act of Love. One copy, Avni told Biden, was for the Vice President; while the other was intended for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Avni asked the Vice President to bring the book to Abbas during their next meeting.

Attached to the book was a note, written by Avni, reflecting on his family’s roots in America, the prospects for peace, and the proliferation of Arab anti-Israel incitement on social media.

“In 1969, the year I was born, Golda Meir was chosen to as Israel’s Prime Minister. Like my family, she came to Israel from the US. Two nations joined by shared values.”

“Prime Minister Meir remarked that ‘peace will come to the middle east when the Arabs love their kids more than they hate us.’ In the 46 years since, we’re still teaching our kids to love, while our neighbors continue to teach their kids to hate.”

Biden responded to Avni’s emotional appeal, telling him that he knows about the terrible incitement in Palestinian social media against Jews.

“The message of this book is that every child is a miracle,” Avni’s note continued. “For that, one needs to be filled with love, not hate.  It is a message that everyone is obligated to spread.”

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