Bennett: ‘Land of Israel is ours, even after elections’

June 5, 2016  

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) gave a speech at the central Jerusalem Day rally, held at the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva. During his talk, he criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the latter’s statements supporting a two-state solution.

“There are those, both in Israel and abroad, who are working to advance the various Arab peace plans, according to which we will divide the country, we will divide Jerusalem, and we will return to the ’67 lines,” he said. “Because the world pushes, and there is a need to appease it. I tell them tonight: Never.”

“We are all standing as firm as stone for the sake of the entire land. Without stuttering, without confusion, without zigzags. It’s time to say clearly: the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. In Hebrew, in English, in Russian, in French. In summer and in winter. When there are elections and when there aren’t. Why? Because the world is listening to us. To our every word.”

According to Bennett, the world recognizes weakness, just as it recognizes strength. “The world recognizes and can smell when we are not sure of our rights to the land, and attacks us with a fury of boycotts.”

“You can’t be in favor of the Land of Israel in Hebrew and of creating a Palestinian state in English. Only when we are consistently sharp and determined, the world will leave us in peace. Until then, we will have to liberate Jerusalem anew, every day.”

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