Bennett: Germans are not just Nazis

August 7, 2016  

Education Minister Naftali Bennett is putting forth a new education plan aimed to improve Germany-Israel relations, by “fighting stereotypes and assumptions between the two states.”

A study, conducted by the Ministries of Education of Germany and Israel from 2010-2015, found that most Israeli children think of Nazis and the Holocaust when they think of Germany.

German students, on the other hand, learn most of their facts about Israel through the paradigm of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Speaking to Maariv, Bennett explained why he wants to turn that around:

“Improving Israel’s image in the international arena depends on the appropriate representation of [Israel as] a strong and democratic state in the Middle East…through exposing the world to the State of Israel, as she is, and not in the biased and negative manner of BDS.”

To that end, Germany and Israel will begin teaching more detailed information about each other as part of the upcoming school-year’s curriculum. For example, German classrooms will present Israel as the sole banner of democracy in the Middle East, is multi-cultural, and is leading the global hi-tech industries.

In Israel, students will learn about modern Germany as a pluralistic and liberal society, which promotes the absorption of immigrants while championing legislation to improve the process.

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