Barak Calls for Patience; Steinitz Calls to Topple Hamas

March 11, 2012  

The cycle of terror attacks from Gaza and Israeli reprisals is likely to continue for several more days, Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned Sunday, addressing the Cabinet.

Barak called for patience as the army works to calm the situation.

Other ministers called for action. “The situation in Gaza has become intolerable,” Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz declared. He called to target terror leaders, saying, “The more that attacks from Gaza threaten central Israel, the more Israel needs to threaten Hamas’ leadership of Gaza.”

“Israel cannot accept a Hamas government in Gaza in the long term,” Steinitz warned.

Education Minister Gidon Saar called to proceed with caution. “We’ve seen a government that began a war without realizing it was doing so,” he said. “Things like this need careful deliberation.

The IDF must remain constantly engaged in Gaza in order to keep Israel safe, said Energy Minister Uzi Landau. “We thought ‘If we’ll be quiet, they’ll be quiet,’” he said. “But it’s the opposite. If we’re quiet, they start up.”

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