Barak and Gantz: IDF Capable of Dealing with Any Threat

September 5, 2012  

Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz once again stressed on Wednesday that the IDF is capable of dealing with any challenge or threat.

The two spoke at a graduation ceremony for captains at the naval base in Haifa.

“I look at this wonderful group which is standing here and the heart fills with pride,” said Barak, who described the graduates as “a great team, the best which grows out of society.”

“The State of Israel is strong, confident and trusts its shield – the Israel Defense Forces,” he added. “We will continue to operate with courage, discretion, responsibility and will do the best for Israel’s defense, in any situation and prevent any threats as they appear. We have the ability to deal with the challenge. The IDF is steadfast and prepared to act for the security of Israel, at any time and within any required geographic range.”

Gantz said during the ceremony, “In the changing strategic fabric which is sewn all around us and in light of the growth in the maritime sector, the Navy is becoming decisive factor in our preparation for different scenarios.”

He added, “The Navy may be the smallest corps, but is the arm that carries out the biggest of missions. We are not happy about a possible war, but anyone who pushes us will discover that we have the means, the knowledge and the operational capabilities to protect the citizens of Israel.”

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