Bar Refaeli Shows Major Innovations From Israel

Israeli innovation in your everyday life: “Created in Israel” may not be stamped on all the Israeli innovations that pop up during your average day, but in this short clip you can see a small sample of these anonymous inventions for yourself.

Most people would be very surprised to find out just how many of the products and technologies that make their lives better were developed in tiny Israel.

Few know that Israel created flash drives and anti-virus technologies, let alone solar water heaters and the drip irrigation which saved water and revolutionized agriculture, including in the developing world. And Israel has not only helped advance our hi-tech existence, it has made the world a more beautiful place, as the role played in this clip by Bar Rafaeli — one of Israel’s most beautiful creations — reveals.

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  1. ISRAEL is a hero and a very special nation
    may god always be with you in every step of life

  2. ISRAEL is a hero is a pious, special, truly remarkable land

    Israel will always be a great victor in life

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