Bangkok Iranians Tried to Make Magnetic Bombs

February 22, 2012  

Iran’s “three Musketeers” Bangkok terrorists used $27 portable radios to hide one bomb and parts for other explosives that appeared be meant for magnetic bombs against Israelis, ABC reported Tuesday night.

The disclosure ties the modus operandi with the magnetic bomb attack in New Delhi, where the wife of an Israeli diplomat was seriously wounded.

ABC said it obtained exclusive photos that showed the inside of the cheap radio with six magnets along with small ball bearings, ingredients for a magnetic bomb.

Another photo showed one of the terrorists, Saeid Moradi, holding a radio in each hand. The botched bomb plot unraveled when explosives being handled by Moradi and others in the terrorist cell blew up in the house they were renting. The Iranians fled, but Moradi had taken at least two bombs with him. He threw one of them at a taxi cab that he unsuccessfully tried to flag down. The bomb injured bystanders.

Police already were approaching him when he threw a second bomb, which hit a nearby pickup truck and bounced back at him, exploding and blowing off his legs.

Police said that they discovered two more unexploded bombs and explosives in the rented house.

Sources told ABC that the bombs were smuggled though the airport when the terrorists arrived two weeks ago, or they might have been brought in via a diplomatic pouch.

The attack in New Delhi and foiled attacks in Baku and Bangkok point to an Iranian effort to engage in international terror against Israelis in retaliation for the assassination of five Iranian nuclear scientists over the past two years. The Mossad was alleged to be behind those attacks, but Israel has not commented on the allegations.

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