Ayelet Shaked Endorses Uri Bank for Jewish Home Knesset List

January 8, 2015  

Jewish Home party Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked has publicly endorsed one of three Anglo candidates vying for a spot in the parties upcoming primaries on January 14th.

Shaked praised the record of Uri Bank, who currently serves as the party’s secretary general and has an impressive career in the religious-Zionist leadership in general.

“Uri Bank has worked beside me in the Knesset for the past two years. He directed the Knesset Caucus to free Jonathan Pollard and leads an international organization that influences parliamentarians around the world to initiate pro-Israel legislation,” Shaked said.

“He’s well-spoken, responsible, a true ideologue, and a skilled advocate for Israel. I’d be glad to see Uri beside me in the next Knesset, not as our Secretary-General, but as a Member of Knesset, fighting for Israel here and abroad.”

Jewish Home English Forum Chairman Jeremy Saltan hailed the move by a senior party official in endorsing an English-speaking candidate, saying it sent the right message to Israel’s large “Anglo” community ahead of March elections.

“There are many people who talk the talk, but few whom walk to walk. Bayit Yehudi Knesset Faction Secretary-General and Gush Etzion Regional Councilman Uri Bank has been there to help Anglos when they needed it,” Saltan said.

“Uri as an MK will further our interests and I encourage everyone to give him two points.”

The primaries will see thousands of party members vote for who they want to see standing on the party’s list of MKs for the next Knesset. Members will be able to vote for a number of candidates, giving their three favorite choices two points and the remaining four choices one point each.

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