Attempted Car Terror Attack in Samaria

January 22, 2015  

Arabs in a stolen Toyota vehicle attempted to run over IDF soldiers at Tapuach Junction in northern Samaria on Thursday evening.

The Arabs approached from the direction of Hawara, driving wildly and bypassing the cars that were waiting in line.

Their vehicle stopped at the checkpoint, but as policemen and Border Patrol officers approached the vehicle to inspect it, the driver pressed down on the accelerator and drove wildly toward the policemen, nearly running them over.

A Border Patrol officer fired warning shots in the air but the car continued to drive away. The police began chasing after the vehicle and it was located a few minutes later, abandoned, with its doors open.

The men who were inside apparently ran off on foot. A bomb expert was checking the car as IDF and police combed the area for suspects.

No one was hurt and no damage was caused in the incident.

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