Ariel U President: Keep Fighting BDS

June 11, 2015  

“We convened the general assembly of the University of Ariel today, combined with the Research and Development Institute of Judea and Samaria,” Ariel University President Prof. Yehuda Danon told Arutz Sheva Thursday.

“The BDS movement bothers all eight universities in Israel and the government of Israel,” he said. “It starts from the tomato or pepper grower in the desert, who cannot export his products, and it ends in the universities. I think this is a strategic issue that the State of Israel has to fight against. Unfortunately, many young Jewish students are joining the BDS without knowing the real facts and they are fed by lies.”

“The aim of the BDS is to destroy the state of Israel and to allow millions of refugees to come back to Israel and turn it into a Muslim country,” he made clear. “The government has to invest a lot of money in this project, in fighting BDS. The President of Israel declared here, today, in the conference, that his main aim is to fight BDS and to raise the issue of the boycott with any dignitary visiting Israel and to do the same with Jewish communities all over the world.

“We face cancellations here and there, in participation in scientific meetings,” explained Danon, “and they always offer different kinds of excuses. They never really say that it’s BDS. The main issue is that of Israeli diplomats, professors, lecturers, who go to campuses in the US and Europe, and face demonstrations of Palestinians outside or inside during the lecture – and we have to fight it. We cannot be quiet and believe that one day it will disappear.”

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