Arabs Who Stabbed Yeshiva Student Admit Racial Motivation

May 10, 2012  

The Shin Bet and Israel Police officially released Thursday that they plan to indict two Arabs arrested for the stabbing of a yeshiva student near the tomb of Shimon HaTzaddik during the Passover holiday.

The arrestees are Muhammad Shawish, 24, and Adnan Rajabi, 20, who are said to be a part of the Shabab al-Aqsa terrorist group in Jerusalem.

Security officials say the pair confessed to carrying out the stabbing, and admitted it was racially motivated.

The victim, Breslov hassid Moshe Frank, 23, was rushed to the hospital with knife wounds in his abdomen and thigh. The wounds, described as “moderate,” required surgery.

Frank is the nephew of Rabbi Motta Frank of the Breslov hassidic movement.

Arutz Sheva first reported that Border Police officers had arrested two suspects matching the description of Frank’s attackers on 19 April, but security officials did not release their names, and they had not yet confessed.

The sources added that Arab residents of the Shimon Hatzaddik neighborhood clashed with officers when Shawish and Rajabi were arrested. Following fast action by the forces, order was restored to the neighborhood.

Judah, a rescue worker with ZAKA, described the aftermath of the stabbing to Arutz Sheva.

“At around 21:00 we received a call that someone had been stabbed on Shimon Hatzaddik,” Judah said. “When we arrived we found the victim, who had been stabbed, was near the tomb, adjacent to the olive tree.”

“He had been stabbed several times in the leg, and once in the abdomen. After administering first aid on the scene we evacuated him to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus. Following the attack, the local Arabs of the neighborhood began to riot.

“Blows were traded between the Arabs and the police, including stone throwing and hooliganism,” he added.

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