‘Arabs are building like crazy, and we’re afraid to touch them’

August 8, 2016  

Moshe Zar, who works to buy land from Arabs, interviewed with Arutz Sheva over the planned destruction of Amona, and the transfer of the town’s residence to an area nearby.

“Who could touch Amona? Who could break even one stone there? If anyone were to prove ownership, let them give him compensation and throw him out of there. He hasn’t been there for dozens of years, why is he relevant now?” asked Zar.

Israel’s leadership suffers from cowardice, claimed Zar. He explained, “This is a nation which boasts the most powerful military in the world, many Nobel prizes, cyber accomplishments, etc. There is nothing which can stand against us, yet what we lack – and I say this with a pained heart and with tears in my eyes – is emotional strength. We don’t have the emotional strength, and it doesn’t matter if you are from the Left or the Right, religious or not religious.

“In what country in the world would they act like this? They would not dare to move an entire bloc [of homes], at maximum they would compensate the person [who claims to own the land]. Go to the Negev, or the Galilee, travel along the Yiron RIver and see, next to the road, all the giant houses of the Arabs, every home on a 3 dunam property, built without a single license or permit. Does anyone have the guts to touch them?

Zar calls on the government to stop the destruction of Amona. “Have we gone completely mad? Do our leaders, the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister…lack the emotional strength to stand against all the leftist NGOs and the Palestinians? Where has the Jewish brilliance gone?”

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