Arab-Israeli coexistence activist wounded in Jaffa attack

March 10, 2016  

One of the victims of Tuesday night’s deadly stabbing attack in Jaffa was an Arab-Israeli peace activist.

Tel Aviv resident Mohammed Wari was stabbed in the back during the attack by Palestinian Arab terrorist Bashar Masalha, which killed American tourist Taylor Force and wounded 10 others, many of them seriously.

Wari, who works for MEET – Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow and the Israeli Hola Better Internet startup, is a staunch atheist and critic of religious conflict and religion in general, as evidenced by posts on his Facebook page.

Following the attack, which occurred not far from where US Vice President Joe Biden’s family were eating dinner, Wari posted a picture of himself in hospital, along with the following English status:

“I got stabbed in the attack today, its not the best feeling or experience to go through, i am so blessed to stay alive, the stab was close to my neck but I’ve been able to push him and run away. Thanks for all of those who called and visited. With not little pain killers i feel good”

Comments in Hebrew, English and Arabic poured in wishing him well – highlighting the irony of an Arab activist for Jewish-Arab coexistence being targeted by an Arab terrorist.

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