Apple raises the price of apps in Israel

January 24, 2016  

Apple has raised prices in seven of its international App Stores, including for Israel, raising the base price from 3.50 shekels to 3.90 shekels.

Israel is not alone though; Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and South Africa have also received the price raise “following fluctuations in exchange rates.”

According to the world’s leading technology company, “When foreign exchange rates change, we sometimes need to update prices on the App Store.”

The shekel has been strong compared to other foreign currencies in the past year, with its rate compared to the dollar fluctuating from around 3.75 to 4.00 shekels to a dollar.

While consumers may be displeased with the new pricing, it is good news for developers who will start to see a more consistent rate of return from the app price increase.

Unlike Russia and South Africa, Israel’s App Store does not have auto-renewable in-app purchases, so its customers will not have to reauthorize such payments.

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