Anti-ISIS coloring book debuts ‘to educate America’

November 8, 2015  

A St. Louis-based company made waves again Sunday, after it released a new coloring book on Islamic State (ISIS) – “ISIS: A Culture of Evil.”  

Wayne Bell, CEO of Really Big Coloring Books, reached out to Arutz Sheva to discuss the work – which follows two other coloring books on Islamist terrorism. 

“I publish this book because it’s very real, very factual, very accurate, and on-target,” Bell began. “The American people want to know what’s going on with ISIS; the pictures are brutal, they’re absolutely correct.” 

“ISIS is an evil force on the world and everybody needs to know it.” 

Really Big Coloring Books caused controversy last year when it re-released two previous coloring books – “The True Faces of Global Evil Terrorism” and “We Shall Never Forget 9/11: Kids’ Book of Freedom” – to feature pages with Islamic State. 

Bell acknowledged the controversy, however – noting that that, in fact, is somewhat the point. 

“We publish this book knowing that it was going to be a very intense book for America,” he noted. “In fact, some of the PR newswire companies in America have refused to publish this book because it is so factual and so accurate, they are afraid of it.” 

Despite being a coloring book, Bell noted that the content is primarily meant for “adults and young adults,” but added that “if parents want to educate their children with the books, I encourage him to do so.” 

“I think it was simply time somebody in America tell the absolute, total truth in black-and-white about ISIS and not be afraid to do so.” 

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