Another ‘Fogel Copycat’ Attack Foiled

March 6, 2012  

The latest terror trend among Arabs in Samaria may be an effort to copy the horrific slaughter in Itamar a year ago, in which five members of a single family were murdered with a knife. 

Police from the Samaria Region arrested an Arab woman near the perimeter fence of the city of Emanuel Tuesday morning. She was carrying a large knife.

The woman, 32, was identified by a military force near the village of Imtin, next to Emanuel, located in central Samaria and near the city of Ariel and the communities of Karnei and Ginot Shomron. A police force arrived on the scene and began to question her. She said that she intended to carry out a stabbing attack in Emanuel.

Just a day earlier, on Monday, two knife-wielding terrorists who tried to infiltrate the Samaria community of Elon Moreh Monday morning were caught.

At about 8:45 a.m., the outlook position at Elon Moreh identified two Arabs approaching the fence surrounding the community.

The Elon Moreh Security Coordinator arrived at the scene and the Arabs ran away to the nearby village of Azmut. The security coordinator entered the village with a battalion-sized IDF force. The two terrorists were caught. An initial inquiry showed that they are residents of the Balata “refugee camp” and that they were armed with knives. 

The PA regularly incites its population to murder Israelis, and did so well before the slaughter at Itamar. Recently, the mother of one of the murderers of the Fogels appeared on a PA TV program and sent love to her son. 

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