Anne Frank Archive Set to Sell for $30,000 at NY Auction

August 16, 2012  

An archive of documents and artifacts relating to Anne Frank will be auctioned off on Nov. 5 at the New York Doyle auction house.

The archive has an estimated value of $20,000 to $30,000 and was assembled by Joseph Schildkraut, the actor who portrayed Otto Frank, Anne’s father, in the 1955 stage and 1950 film versions of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” The New York Times reported. 

The collection includes letters and documents from 1941 detailing Otto Frank’s efforts to enlist the help of Nathan Straus, a friend from his days at Heidelberg University, in the family’s effort to escape Nazi-occupied Holland.

It also includes an additional 50 letters, annotated vintage photographs, a transcript of a 1939 letter from Otto to Anne, and a monogrammed handkerchief given by Frank to Schildkraut, who later carried it onstage.

Schildkraut won best-supporting actor in 1937 for his portrayal of Capt. Albert Dreyfus in “The Life of Emile Zola.” The Oscar will be sold at a separate auction on the same day. 

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