Amusement Park Carousel Injures 21 Children

April 17, 2014  

A technical malfunction caused a carousel ride in Tel Aviv’s Luna Park amusement park to stop suddenly Thursday, lightly injuring 21 children. Medics and paramedics from Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency services gave the children medical treatment on the spot and then evacuated them to hospitals.

An MDA paramedic told IDF Radio that the children suffered from light bruises on their limbs and some scratches.

The Luna Park management said that following the malfunction, operation of the carousel has been stopped, and the park’s engineers are looking into the possible causes of the accident. The ride will not be reopened until the cause of the malfunction is been determined, and steps taken to prevent its recurrence, the management added.

While there was some general distress in the park following the accident, visitors continued to stream in.

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