American family fights to keep terrorist behind Israeli bars

January 12, 2016  

An American-Israeli family, whose daughter was killed in a bus bombing in March 2003, is petitioning the US government to intervene on behalf of their deceased daughter and force Israel to rescind the possibility of parole for the man who aided the suicide bomber.

It has recently come to light that terrorist Muni Regabi’s will have his 20 year “life sentence” reduced by a third and will be scheduled for parole in the coming year.

The Litle Family, whose 14 year-old daughter Abigail was murdered in the attack, and who was a US citizen, has petitioned the US Justice Department to intervene in the case, in order to make certain the sentence is carried out to its fullest.  

The Litle family is a Christian American family who has lived in Haifa for many years. Abigail was on her way home from school on a packed bus with many other school children, when Hevron resident Mahmoud Umdan Salim Qawasmeh detonated a bomb concealed under his clothes.

Regabi had aided Qawasmeh in perpetrating the attack and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Litle family has petitioned the US Justice Department and received a reply from the official in charge of terror victims in the American ministry that they will work to pressure Israel to make sure Regabi serves his full term.

Yossi Tzur, whose son was also killed in the attack spoke to Arutz Sheva in a special interview and expressed his dismay at the leniencies that Israel takes in such matters.

“We know from past cases that the Americans are much less flexible and forgiving than the Israeli system is,” Tzur explained. “They don’t release terrorists, and they do not agree to the release of terrorists who have killed Americans.

“Here we have petitioned the Israeli government not to release terrorists many times, and it hasn’t helped. Perhaps some outside pressure from the US government will remind Israel how we used to act and behave towards terrorists, before we began negotiations and the mass release of terrorists.”   

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