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July 19, 2012  

The IDF, founded in 1948, ranks among the most battletested armed forces in the world, having had to defend the country in six major wars. The IDF’s security objectives are to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State of Israel, deter all enemies, and curb all forms of terrorism that threaten daily life. Its main tasks include reinforcing the peace arrangements; ensuring overall security in the West Bank in coordination with the Palestinian Authority; spearheading the war against terrorism, both inside Israel and across its borders; and maintaining a deterrent capability to prevent the outbreak of hostilities.

To ensure its success, the IDF’s doctrine at the strategic level is defensive, while its tactics are offensive. Given the country’s lack of territorial depth, the IDF must take the initiative when deemed necessary and, if attacked, quickly transfer the battleground to the enemy’s land. Though it has always been outnumbered by its enemies, the IDF maintains a qualitative advantage by deploying advanced weapons systems, many of which are developed and manufactured in Israel for its specific needs. The IDF’s main resource, however, is the high caliber of its soldiers.

In preparing for defense, the IDF deploys a small standing army (made up of conscripts and career personnel) with early warning capability, and a regular air force and navy. The majority of its forces is reservists, who are called up regularly for training and service and who, in time of war or crisis, are quickly mobilized into their units from all parts of the country.

The IDF’s three service branches (ground forces, air force, and navy) function under a unified command, headed by the Chief of the General Staff, with the rank of lieutenant-general, who is responsible to the minister of defense. The Chief of the General Staff is appointed by the government, on recommendation of the prime minister and minister of defense, for a three-year term, which is usually extended for an additional year.

Men and women soldiers of all ranks serve side by side as technicians, communications and intelligence specialists, combat instructors, cartographers, administrative and ordnance personnel, computer operators, doctors, lawyers, and the like. More and more women are now serving in combat units as well.

The IDF is responsive to the cultural and social needs of its soldiers, providing recreational and educational activities, as well as personal support services. Recruits with incomplete educational backgrounds are given opportunities to upgrade their level of education, and career officers are encouraged to study at the IDF’s expense during their service. The integration of new immigrant soldiers is facilitated through special Hebrew language instruction and other programs.

Active in nation-building enterprises since its inception, the IDF also provides remedial and supplementary education to civilian populations and contributes to the absorption of newcomers among the population at large. In times of national crisis or emergency, the IDF responds immediately with appropriate action and assigns trained personnel to fill essential jobs or carry out special tasks.

Terms of service in the IDF

Compulsory Service: All eligible men and women are drafted at age 18. Men serve for three years, women for two years. Deferments may be granted to qualified students at institutions of higher education. New immigrants may be deferred or serve for shorter periods of time, depending on their age and personal status on entering the country.

Reserve Duty: Upon completion of compulsory service, each soldier is assigned to a reserve unit and may serve up to the age of 51.

Career Military Service: Veterans of compulsory service meeting current IDF needs may sign up as career officers or NCOs. The career service constitutes the command and administrative backbone of the IDF. Graduates of officers’ or pilots’ schools or special military technical schools are required to sign on for periods of career service.

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    you have right to defend the land,which you have given by God since ABRAHAM, ISACK AND JACOB, EVEN MOSES AND JOSHUA. It is your right. I like Israel, all the time I wish victory against your enemy.I pray for peace for Israel, the peace which notfor Arab claiming the land which you have given by God,not peace by exchanging by land to Arab, but peace which Arab must recognize the existance of Israel nation, and stop claiming the land which since Abraham up to Joshua you have given by God. IDF Fight and defend you nation, God is with you.I LIKE ISRAEL,SINCE 1991 when I begun to read the bible I got the full story of Israel and the right for you to exist in that land. Now Am studying theology, in my preaching am defending Israel. Israel your my friend,and my brother by faith because christinity prung from judaisim,even Jesus Christ in fresh is a Jew.I shall stand with you all the time, and I shall tell other about you right.
    Don’t fear Iran,and other your enemy because God is with you and He shall fight for you. I wish you the best and long life as nation and good economy and military strenghth.

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  3. HeyJules says:

    Great looking soldiers, I salute you.

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    Israel is Incredible. salute to Israeli for fight againsts terror.



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