Alive Because of Her Mother

January 4, 2015  

In a series of articles about the “Efrat” organization, Arutz Sheva presents a number of personal stories and anecdotes relating the group’s life-saving activities. This week’s article centers on Adi, whose special connection with her own mother motivated and encouraged her to take the courageous step of bringing a surprise new life into the world.

Adi felt compelled to share her personal journey towards motherhood, after posts about the “Efrat” organization appeared on her Facebook news feed.

“Ten years ago, when I was only 18 years old, I met an amazing guy, who captured my heart. After a few short months of dating, I found out I was pregnant,” Adi recounts. “I called him in tears and together we decided to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible.”

Adi and her boyfriend never considered sharing the news with anyone else. They were both in states of complete and utter shock. Yet, after a few days, Adi could not contain herself any longer, and poured her heart out to her sisters. Adi’s sisters only reinforced her belief that the pregnancy must be terminated, never for a moment thinking that the young couple should marry.

“My sisters believed that it would be insane for two 18 year olds to get married and build a home together. What would we live off of? Where would we live? Receiving support from our parents was not a consideration. We were a large family with a meager salary,” Adi explained.

All sorts of questions were brought up during the sisterly heart-to-heart, and every single one was answered in a manner strengthening Adi’s beliefs that abortion was the only feasible route.

“My boyfriend and I knew that the day would come when we would get married, because the love and understanding between us was unusual. However, we did not want a shotgun wedding, full of stress.”

Adi did not sleep at all the night before the scheduled abortion. She kept telling herself that she was doing the right thing, but all the while her heart cried for the life of her unborn child. Before leaving the house the next morning, Adi saw her mother sitting in the kitchen. She looked at her at length, hoping that her mother would realize something was up.

“It seemed that a mother’s connection with her daughter is something extraordinary: my mother saw that something was bothering me and called me over. I immediately burst out in tears. I told her I was pregnant and on the way to have an abortion. She hugged me, took my knapsack off of my back and told me I was not going anywhere; that she was my mother and she would not let me commit any act I may later live to regret.”

Adi immediately called her boyfriend and told him that she had her parents’ full support, and that perhaps they should get married. Meanwhile, Adi’s mother called the “Efrat” organization, and thanks to “Efrat,” Adi succeeded in carrying her son to term and bringing him into the world.

Adi and her boyfriend received aid from “Efrat” in the form of planning the wedding, as well as all the baby supplies her little prince needed once he was born: a crib, stroller, baby bath, diapers, clothes, bottles, pacifiers, and more.

Adi has now been married for 10 years and is now the mother to a total of three children. Her husband and children are her whole world and she could not imagine having given up on any part of her current life.

“Thanks to ‘Efrat,’” Adi exclaimed, “I will never have to!”

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