Alanis Morissette Performs in Tel Aviv, Visits Western Wall



More than 8,000 Israeli fans arrived at Tel Aviv’s Nokia Arena on Monday night to watch beloved Canadian singer Alanis Morissette perform in Israel for the first time since 2000.

After an hour’s delay and wild cheers from the audience, the singer entered the stage shortly after 10 p.m., opening the sold-out show with “I Remain,” a song from her latest album.

During the show, Morissette performed several of her signature hits from her 17-year career, especially from her first internationally released and most successful album, “Jagged Little Pill.” Songs included “You Learn,” “Mary Jane,” “Ironic,” and others.

Morissette also showed off her musical skills on stage by playing the harmonica and guitar, and proved that she could excite the crowd even with a simple, low-key production, without dozens of dancers.

The only down-side to the performance was a technical glitch with the sound system, which affected the sound quality of some songs.

Morissette chose to wrap up her world tour in Israel despite pressure by pro-Palestinian groups to cancel the show, and thus managed to further win the admiration of her Israeli fans.

את רואה? כאן זה כאן ושם זה שם. אלאניס מוריסט מקבלת תדרוך

Alanis Morissette gets guided tour
אז הכותל זה כאן? אלאניס מוריסט

So this is the Western Wall?
צריך מטפחת? כי לאף אחת אין

Can you get me a headscarf?
אה הנה יש, תוכלו להשיג לי?

Do you speak English or French?
יופי, אז תגידי בעזרת ה'

Come pray with us
יאללה צפוף פה. אלאניס מוריסט ובעלה מריו טרידווי

Alanis Morissette with husband Mario Treadway


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