Al Qaeda Backs Overthrowing Assad

February 12, 2012  

Al Qaeda has called for overthrowing Syrian President Bashar Assad and reportedly is sending terrorists to help rebels, providing fuel for Assad’s blaming “terrorists” for the rebellion.

Ayman al Zawahri, the successor to Osama bin Laden, posted an eight-minute video on the Internet on Sunday and pleaded with Syrians not to depend on the West for support.

Iraqi intelligence officials have said that Al Qaeda has been sending terrorists to Syria, Fox News reported.

Al Qaeda “missed out” on the Arab Spring revolutions, and its encouragement of opponents to Assad is viewed as an attempt to regain its stature. The anti-Assad opposition may be damaged by Al Qaeda’s backing, because it gives support for Assad claims, so far without proof, that “armed terrorists” are behind the uprising.

Entitled “Onwards, Lions of Syria,” the new video urges neighboring Arab countries to arm the opposition to get rid of Assad, whom al Zawahri termed a “butcher.” He added, “Our people in Syria, don’t rely on the West or the United States or Arab governments and Turkey. You know better what they are planning against you. Our people in Syria don’t depend on the Arab League and the corrupt governments supporting it.”

The video was picked up by the SITE Intelligence as the carnage in Syria worsens, with continuing reports of massive bombardment of the city of Homs, a center of anti-Assad resentment.

President Barack Obama has declared that the elimination of bin Laden last year was the beginning of the end of the terrorist organization, which has been trying to revive itself, partly with the help of Iran, despite the Islamic Republic’s support for Assad and its suspicions and distrust of the terrorist group.

Iran previously has arrested several senior Al Qadea terrorists but has released them from house arrest and allowed them to raise money and aid terrorist attacks outside of Iran. Al Qaeda enjoys a safe haven in Iran, where American attacks are far from likely, while Iran can bank on Al Qaeda to execute terrorist attacks against American and Israeli targets.

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