Al-Qaeda Advises Terrorists How to Protect Reputations

May 13, 2012  

Lone terrorists have been instructed to refrain from targeting churches, mosques and synagogues in order to protect their ”reputation,” according to the latest edition of the al Qaeda-affiliated magazine Inspire, reported ANI news agency.

The winter 2012 edition of the magazine revealed that global jihad is facing criticism from Muslims over how they carry out their attacks.

The magazine revealed, however, that terrorists could attack Jews congregates, The Age reported. According to the magazine, terrorists were also urged to target politicians, media personalities, stock exchanges, airports, harbors and military bases. 

The new solo terrorist guidelines are mentioned in an article in the same edition of the magazine titled ”The Jihadi Experiences.” It also warns terrorist from targeting women and children, and to avoid harming civilians of neutral countries, according to the news agency.

”This must be done in order to maintain the reputation of the Resistance in the different spheres of public opinion,” the article stated. 

Last week, The Sunday Age reported that the magazine had named Australia as a target for terrorism by firebombing. 

Terrorism experts believe that the change in policy is due to a moderate Muslim backlash against violence. 

A professor at Macquarie University’s Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism, Clive Williams, said the article represented the sentiments of letters by Osama bin Laden that were released this month. 

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