Agreement Reached on Migron

February 13, 2012  

An agreement has been reached in the negotiations between residents of Migron and Minister Benny Begin regarding the planned eviction of residents and demolition of the structures that have been built on the site. Alternative structures will be built at permanent site not far from Migron, and the IDF will “consider positively” leaving existing structures intact.

Arutz Sheva has learned that the agreement will make it possible for residents to peacefully leave the site and avoid confrontation with demolition forces. The agreement is the result of negotiations in which the residents were represented by Attorney Yaakov Weinrot and Binyamin regional authority head Avi Roeh, vis-à-vis the government as represented by Minister Begin.

Roeh sent a letter to Min. Begin Sunday in which he enumerated the agreements reached and expressed support for them, on his own behalf and on behalf of the residents of Migron.

The compromise is based upon a statement by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, according to which alternative structures will be built at a permanent site on state lands, near Migron. The land upon which Migron currently resides will be handed over to the IDF Civil Administration, which will “consider positively” the continued use of structures that were built on plots that were owned by Arabs who left the Land of Israel long ago and can no longer claim them.

As for structures built upon plots that Migron residents claim ownership to – their future will only be decided after the courts decide in the matter.

The alternative site will be in the Yekev (winery) area about two kilometers away from the present site, and the families will only move there after completion of construction work there.

The government will ask the High Court to approve the compromise. Meanwhile, the Civil Administration will tour the Vineyard site to prepare for implementation of the compromise agreement.

The timing of the compromise may be connected to the fact that as of yesterday, the Supreme Court has a new president. The former president, Judge Dorit Beinisch, was unyielding on Migron.

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