Again: Jew Attacked for Drinking Water on Temple Mount

June 3, 2015  

Jewish men were once against mobbed and attacked on the Temple Mount on Wednesday – this time, by Arab women loitering at Judaism’s holy site who pounced on them for daring to drink from the water fountain.  

Footage shows the Mourabitoun, Muslim women who serve as guards over the Mount by harassing and occasionally assaulting Jews who visit, surrounding the two visitors, shouting “Allahu Akhbar.” 

Gilad Hadari, the Temple Mount activist who was present, said he was attacked by one of the activists and filed a complaint with the police about it.

He noted that in recent months the situation has worsened on the Temple Mount.

“The situation is deteriorating every day,” he stated to Arutz Sheva Wednesday afternoon. “There is no law and no judge on the Temple Mount and they are allowed by police to yell, threaten, attack police and break privacy.” 

Hadari called on Internal Security Minister Glad Erdan (Likud) to act immediately to stop the attacks. 

Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, who is representing Hadari, said that his client intends to initiate proceedings both against lawbreakers and against the police – and that the video reveals “incredible incompetence.”

Arutz Sheva already revealed last week that Jews have been banned from drinking water on the Temple Mount, whether from bottles or from the public water fountain – despite the fact that Muslims not only host elaborate meals there, but even hold soccer matches at the holy site. 

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