Adva Biton Calls on the Public to Attend Adelle’s Funeral

February 18, 2015  

Adva Biton, the mother of four-year-old terror victim Adelle who passed away Tuesday after a two-year fight with serious neurological damage caused by an Arab rock attack, has turned to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in a heart-wrenching plea to have her daughter buried in her hometown.

The funeral is to take place on Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the town of Yakir in Samaria where the family lives, despite the IDF Civil Administration refusal of the request to bury Adelle in the town, citing the lack of a master plan for a cemetery in a 20 dunam area set aside by the Shomron Regional Council.

A distraught Adva wrote to Netanyahu on Wednesday morning, asking that he allow the burial.

“I demand from you, prime minister, to honor this decision and think not with cold reason but with emotions,” wrote Adva, saying “as a mother this is my last request.”

Adva called on the public to arrive to the funeral in Yakir “to pay last respects to Adelle.”

Adelle was struck directly in the head by a fist-sized rock in March 2013 while riding in the family car outside Ariel in Samaria, suffering critical wounds in the process. Doctors said Adelle’s recovery from the blow was nothing short of miraculous, and she had been in and out of the hospital since then in a grueling rehabilitation period.

That struggle to survive ended tragically on Tuesday when the infant terror victim passed suddenly due to a sudden bout of pneumonia that hospitalized her earlier this week.

After the Civil Administration denied the request to bury her in her hometown, Deputy Head of the Shomron Regional Council Yossi Dagan turned to Netanyahu, and said “it cannot be that a girl who turned into a terror victim will not be able to be buried in the town she lived in just because of a bureaucratic matter.”

“We demand from the prime minister in the name of the Biton family that he get involved immediately so that we can bring this holy girl to true burial as soon as possible,” said Dagan.

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