Activist on ‘crazy’ artist: Put him in hospital or on trial

March 6, 2016  

Avi Farhan, who became a symbol of the fight over the evacuations from Sinai and Gush Katif, has filed a complaint with the police against Ariel Bronz. The complaint deals with Bronz’s performance in which he debased the flag of Israel.

“I asked the police to immediately arrest him and either hospitalize him for being crazy or place him on trial. For me and for the Israeli public, the flag holds a supreme value and our friends died in order to protect it. I walked with it from Yamit [in the Sinai Peninsula] to Jerusalem and from Gush Katif to Jerusalem,” Farhan told Arutz Sheva. “When they wave the flag I get excited and have tears in my eyes. Israel cannot degrade the flag in such a humiliating manner.”

Farhan continued: “He [Bronz] is not an artist and I call on media outlets not to interview him. Where have we come to? Anywhere else in the world, a person as crazy as this would be arrested on the spot. It’s not surprise that the incident occurred at a conference by the newspaper Haaretz – for people who don’t think.” Haaretz’s slogan is “for thinking people.”

Bronz was removed from the stage before completing his act. The conference’s organizers later clarified that they had no prior idea of his intentions.

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