Abbas: Israel Trying to Get Out of Releasing Terrorists

March 25, 2014  

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas launched a tirade against Israel on Tuesday, accusing the Jewish state of being responsible for the peace talks not progressing.

Speaking at the Arab League summit in Kuwait, Abbas also accused the Israeli government of trying to get out of releasing the fourth batch of terrorists that it agreed to release as a “gesture” to Abbas.

“The Israeli government is trying to dodge an agreement it had with the U.S. administration to release pre-Oslo Palestinian prisoners,” Abbas said, according to the Ma’an news agency.

“The Israeli government took every chance to foil the American efforts. This proves what we say about the lack of seriousness and preparedness of the Israeli government to withdraw and create peace,” he charged.

He went out to accuse Israel of trying to split the Temple Mount in such a way that will have Jews and Muslims worshiping separately.

“There is coordination with Jordan, which supports the Islamic endowments in Jerusalem, and Morocco which leads the Al-Quds (Jerusalem) committee in order not to let that happen,” declared Abbas.

He also stated yet again that the PA was not willing to even consider the possibility of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has demanded.

“Israel has started to invent new conditions that it has never placed before, such as the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, which is a matter that we refuse to even discuss,” said Abbas.

The PA leader earlier received the backing of Arab leaders, as the summit stresses a “categorical rejection” of the demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, according to a draft statement endorsed by foreign ministers.

So far, the Arab League has continued to back the stubbornness of Abbas, who has consistently said that unless all his preconditions are met, there will be no peace with Israel. 

On Monday, a PA official stated that Abbas would agree to extend peace talks with Israel, but only if certain conditions are met.

These conditions, according to the official, are more terrorist releases and a freeze on construction in Judea and Samaria.

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