A Video Walk Through Tel Aviv

January 22, 2021  

We can’t wait to host you in person in Tel Aviv, but until then, this should tide you over. Experience the bustling city of Tel Aviv through our eyes, in a special virtual tour.

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  1. Hoof Security says:

    I can be Security if you like,I do cheap rates,bear bag and bowls of rice,free internet in the evenings,and small amount of pocket money a free TV Company Visa and Security Jacket.Actually you guys need UK people so that when tourists arrive from States and Europe we can pick up off them in areas native Tel Aviv people can’t…if you see what we mean.Tel Aviv is often described in Europe as a “Kip”…you know I wouldn’t care less,rather where you guys are than here any day…..isreally! Our drinking water tastes like camel ddung!!

  2. Scarebear says:

    Don’t worry!Dare Bear to the rescue!
    We are trained 2!….here’s some native language.
    1.Spare Bear,stupid or untrained single Easter European girls often found in Tesco’s or Lidl supermarkets working on tills.
    2.Dare Bear highly trained Russian workers….erm…
    3.Stare Bear…Big Chief.you know like top man
    4.Care Bears……run like hell from,you know the types mental health mafia usually working for drug cartels and bent Government agents and stink of Camelia poo….uh? usually Arabs that work for everyone and anyone…one shot one arm….you know the score street,fill you with gear just for….well you know!!
    5.Swear Bear…ah yes funny one this one,can be cop in a bad mood or angry Officer…ha ha

  3. Bearz says:

    Seriously,listening to the Quran gives a person wisdom,however we know what you guys are going through.Tel Aviv is a new City and Israel a young country we want only peace for Tel Aviv and surrounding countries.Russian language is big in Israel even Stare Bear himself has commented on such understanding….their is a solution for Israel.However we know the pot! Tel Aviv is an International City with excellent hopes in the future for cyber currency,IT server providers,Cashew nuts,Sweet Oranges look to your future save for yourself outsiders that bring only good feelings and peace to your country we would gladly perish amongst you and then rise and be free from the unbelievers,Israel is a guiding star an example to the righteous ways of life do not turn away from what you believe in but open your heart’s to what you have been shown…

  4. Beardare says:

    So Tel Aviv,Tel US something we don’t know,Capital Cities of the world have a common International understanding which is good for everyone.We have high hopes for Israel and shamelessly stand with this countries right to be left in peace like every other country working with countries such Saudi Arabia and Eygpt is the way forward to lasting Peace talk NOW today not tomorrow with your new found allies and goals and solutions will easily be obtained.Make Israel crypto currency!make friends….actually it’s a bit of long story but where left of Gantz and to be honest!!! We ain’t interfering…on the day of election we only see another fifth amendment….read between the lines we are in your courts now and judged by our deeds. Shalom.

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