6 million Mishnayot in memory of Holocaust victims

June 13, 2016  

Thousands of Jewish children worldwide are completing studies from 6,250,000 Mishnayot (part of the Talmud) as part of special learning program in memory and for the salvation of the millions of Jews slaughtered by the Nazis, and to those who risked their lives in the war against the Nazis as part of the Allied armies and underground forces.

Last week, graduation parties were held around the globe marking seventy-one years since the release and rescue of Holocaust survivors in Europe.

The main event – “na’aseh v’nishma” (We will do and we will hear) –  will take place Tuesday and include an awards for excellence ceremony and participation of a thousand students as well as European Mishnayot organization representatives.

The “Learning and Recalling” study program is an initiative of the umbrella organization, “Us and our descendants,” which holds a wide range of religious activities for children and unites approximately 60,000 children and parents, fathers and sons, who meet every week for a joint hour of studies in 1,000 branches across Israel and Europe.

Chairman of the organization, Rabbi Eliezer Yutkovsky, said that the program is intended for elementary schoolchildren between the ages of 8-13 and as part of this learning program, tests were given and prizes for excellence were distributed.  The organization distributed booklets and audio CD’s in three languages worldwide.

“People that perpetuate the memory of the communities that were destroyed in Europe through Torah studies and prayer, are part of the emergence of a wonderful miracle that began on the day of the liberation and is still alive today,” said the education commissioner of the organization, Rabbi Mordechai Blau.

“We must commemorate the rescue, as well as recognize the miracle of revival. This is the bridge that we must build in order to continue into the future.”

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