5773’s Number One Names: Itai if it’s a Boy, Noa if it’s a Girl

September 2, 2013  

With a little more than two days to go before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, the Interior Ministry’s Population Registry released its statistical review for the Jewish year 5773 on Monday. 

According to their records, during this year a total of 160,749 babies were born in Israel with a count of 82,437 boys and 78,312 girls.

The official count of Israel’s population grew to 8,730,562 people, in comparison to last year’s count of 8.63225 million.

16,968 people were officially recorded as Israel’s newest immigrants in the year 5773.

Israel’s most common baby names were Noa, Shira, Tamar, Talia, and Yael for girls. The most popular of the boy names were Itai, Daniel, Ori, Yosef, and Noam.

This year, Nearly 64,000 couples got married and more than 14,000 got divorced. 

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