4 of 5 Israeli Jews Feel Bond to Jews Around the World

April 25, 2012  

More than four out of five Jewish Israelis – 81% – feel an emotional bond to Jews in the Diaspora, a poll conducted by the Gal Hadash institute for Yisrael Hayom has found. Only 11.5% answered in the negative.

Despite Arab terror and leftist subversion, Jews in Israel are proud to be Jewish and happy to live in Israel.

The poll found that about 93% of Israeli Jews are proud to be Israelis, and 70% are “very proud.” More than 80% would rather live in Israel than anywhere else in the world, and only 9% would rather live abroad. Seventy-four percent say Israel is a good place to live in, while 17% say it is not.

The groups with the highest scores for satisfaction with life in Israel are people aged 55 and up, religious people and residents of Jerusalem. While 82.1% of Jerusalemites are pleased with life in Israel, the average for the rest of the country is about 72%.

Israel’s diplomatic isolation worries a meager 3% of the population. The public is more worried about security along the borders (14.9%), traffic accidents (13.5%), the economy (12.9%) and global anti-Semitism (12.1%).

Two thirds of those polled said they were Jews first and Israelis second, while 21% said being Israeli is the primary way they define themselves. The pollsters said that the fact that the poll was held close to Holocaust Remembrance Day may have influenced these answers, however.

As for their plans for Independence Day – 36% planned to hold barbecues, another 33% said they would travel inside Israel and 30% would stay home.

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