4 Israeli Soldiers Wounded by Missile

November 10, 2012  

Gaza terrorists hit an IDF jeep with an anti-tank missile early Saturday evening. The IDF Spokesman announced that four soldiers were hurt but gave no specific details regarding their degree of injury.

IDF Radio said that on soldier was very seriously wounded and another soldier was “moderately” wounded. There are reports the second soldier is suffering mostly from injuries to his arms and legs.

Two other soldiers were in light to moderate condition.

The jeep reportedly caught fire. It had been driving along the border between Gaza and Israel, opposite the Zeitoun neighborhood in central Gaza, east of Gaza City.

Voice of Israel public radio said the jeep belonged to the Givati Brigade.

According to an Arab report, the IDF responded with heavy tank fire at the eastern part of Gaza and at an area east of Khan Younis. There were also reports of artillery fire and fire from helicopters.

“Two Palestinians were killed and 22 others wounded, six of them seriously,” said spokesman Yahya Khader of the Hamas government’s emergency services in Gaza, who was quoted by AFP. Voice of Israel radio said the unofficial death toll in Gaza was five.

Residents of Eshkol regional authority have been instructed to remain 15 seconds’ run away from a shelter.

On Thursday, a huge tunnel packed with hundreds of kilograms of explosives blew up near an IDF force. One soldier was lightly wounded. The tunnel reached into Israeli territory.

Voice of Israel said that Islamic Jihad is believed to be behind the missile attack.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said following the fighting: “The IDF has given a stern response to the event and additional responses will be evaluated in the next few days. We will not look the other way following the escalation along the security fence.”

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