35 Reported Killed in Brotherhood Clash with Army

July 8, 2013  

Up to 35 people, most of then Muslim Brotherhood supporters, may have been killed in a confrontation between the Brotherhood and the Egyptian military. It is not clear who attacked whom.

Initial reports describe an attack by members of the Muslim Brotherhood against a Republican Guard facility in Cairo, but the Brotherhood says the soldiers opened fire on unarmed people without being provoked.

The Egyptian military said one of their officers was killed and 40 more wounded in the shooting when a “terrorist group” tried to storm the army base at dawn, state TV reported.

However, according to Sky News, a spokesman for the Brotherhood said its members were unarmed and were fired upon while praying outside the building and up to 34 of their members were killed. Medical sources said they were aware of at least 16 dead.

The spokesman said that the Islamists staged a sit-in outside the Republican Guard barracks where deposed president Mohamed Morsi is being held.

“An Egyptian news channel broadcast footage of what appeared to be five men killed in the violence, and medics applying cardiopulmonary resuscitation to an unconscious man at a makeshift clinic at the sit-in,” reported Sky News

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