30 Hottest Jewish Women Celebrities Under 40

December 9, 2013  

It’s a fact, Israel has produced some of the most gorgeous women in the world. Jewish-born women around the globe are infamously known for their distinct features; often shapely, dark and sexy. Compiled here is a list of 30 of the most unforgettable, truly stunning Jewish woman who are under the age of 40. Of course this is all in fun and sorry if we left someone very deserving off the list.

30. Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Watching this former “Sopranos” star grow up on TV, everyone assumed she was 100% Italian and therefore, Catholic. However, she’s Romanian/Greek/Cuban and, after her mother converted, born 100% Jewish. Bada-שָׁלוֹם(Shalom)!


29. Lizzy Caplan

After “Mean Girls”, she developed into a completely different woman, appearing nude in both “Party Down” and then ‘True Blood’,  making the latter temporarily watchable. She is now the star of Showtime’s “Masters of Sex.”


28. Kat Dennings

“Two Broke Girls” aren’t the first two things that come to mind when she enters a room.


27. Lea Michele

If only every episode of “GLEE” contained scenes like this, men would be paying attention instead of tuning out while their lady sang along.


26. Rachel Bilson

Despite being recognized by many as a “fashion junkie”, she’s often spotted with one of the dullest of accessories hanging from her arm, Hayden Christensen.


25. Rashida Jones

As the daughter of legendary record producer Quincy Jones, she had many half-siblings, but she and her sister were raised in Reform Judaism by her Latvian-descended mother.


24. Ashley Tisdale

This beauty has something to offer for everyone. Including celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah!


23. Agam Rodberg

The Israeli model and actress is such a humanitarian, she once donated her bone marrow to a stranger in desperate need, becoming that someone’s personal hero. True story!


22. Alison Brie

The “Community” star has the girl-next-door look that often gets her confused with comedian Whitney Cummings. Ways to tell them apart: Cummings is hilarious and Brie isn’t a stick figure.


21. Lindsey Vuolo

This voluptuous Playboy Playmate has stated that she will ONLY date Jewish men.


20. Dianna Agron

Another member of the “GLEE” cast, this blonde southern belle was born in Savannah, Georgia and then raised in San Antonio, Texas.


19. Gal Gadot

She is in some of the latest Fast & Furious movies. But she is about to become a huge star. She is going to play Wonder Women in the upcoming blockbuster film ‘Batman vs Superman’.


18. Shani Hazan

Crowned Miss Israel in 2012, this tall drink of elam cayi (it’s an amazing traditional Jewish tea with apple, cinnamon barks, rose petals and honey. Look it up!) stands at 6’ 0” without heels.


17. Natalie Portman

Actually born in Jerusalem, the actress know for playing everyone’s favorite paranoid-delusional ballet dancer, has dual Israeli and American citizenship.


16. Veronica Schneider

Born in Venezuela, this model and Peruvian telenovela star stood out for her amazing ‘ass’-ets and the fact that her family was Jewish in a predominately Catholic country.


15. Mila Kunis

Tight-bodied with mesmerizing eyes, Mila is so hot that we’re willing to look past how bad “Oz: The Great and Powerful” was. OK, watch it for her in the leather tights.


14. Eva Green

If you haven’t seen “The Dreamers” do yourself a favor  and find a copy of the NC-17 version. Let’s just say, Ms. Green could have been very successful as a different type of actress.


13. Shelly Hazan

As the second ‘Hazan’ on the list, (Is that like Smith in Israel?) this supermodel has graced the cover of just about every magazine not circulated in the United States. She hails from Tel-Aviv.


12. Bar Paly

Recently appearing in “Pain & Gain” and the upcoming “Taken” clone, “Non-Stop” with Liam Neeson, this rack-tastic Russian starlet is soon to be a household name.


11. Emmy Rossum

This New York City native is best known for her role on the US version of “Shameless”. Oh yeah, and for being incredibly sexy.


10. Adi Himelbloy

This Israeli-born model is known for having one of the sexiest voices in the country.


9. Donna Feldman

Remember her from “Don’t Mess with the Zohan”. Then again, maybe not. After all, Adam Sandler doesn’t even remember that steaming pile of mess.


8. Scarlett Johansson

It was a no-brainer that this stacked dream woman would make the list.  She would place closer to the top if it weren’t for all the international supermodels


7. Kim Edri

This Israeli beauty queen won the title of Miss Israel Universe 2011, going on to São Paulo, Brazil where she was one of the only kosher pieces of meat competing.


6. Sarai Givaty

2014 will be a big year for the up-and-coming actress who will star in that year’s ‘Hercules: The Legend Begins’. As long as there is no Kevin Sorbo, count me in.

5. Shlomit  Riger

Having one of the most athletic bodies on the list, this model doesn’t take a bad photo. Seriously, I spent a lot of time checking this fact.


4. Silvan Krispin

Tall, dark-haired and always tanned, this California born mega-hottie is fluent in Hebrew and has got one of the greatest butts since Stephanie Seymour.


3. Moran Atias

One of Israel’s biggest stars to make it big internationally, her career in the US is just starting to take off. Like S&M or satanic torture-bondage? Then check her out in horror film “Mother Of Tears”. She makes nightmares hot


2. Esti Ginzburg

Her modeling career began at 8. She has since appeared in three volumes of the “Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue”, and was drafted into the Israeli military, opting to stay and serve. Another fun fact: Every photo she’s taken causes the world’s male population to involuntarily salivate.


1. Bar Rafaeli

This blonde bombshell is the most successful international supermodel to come from Israel, and with good reason! Topping Top 100 hot lists and gracing magazine covers all over the world, her all-natural figure is show stopping and stunning. She could be number 1 on any list, any race or religion.

By: Andrew Flaherty


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  1. IsraeliGirl143 says:

    Im so glad Bar Rafaeli is number 1!!! Shes my favorite!

  2. heyjules says:

    Wow, these are some fine ladies! I have a hard time believing that the women in the last picture has any Jewish blood in her.

  3. Driver Decade says:

    A video got me interested in this. Jewish women certainly can’t be better than this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lea Michele was raised Jewish

  5. Stu Anderson says:

    Lea Michele was raised catholic

    1. Lea Michele Aleph says:

      talking about self-identification, Lea’s interview in 2009, in the Daily News “I’m Jewish”. her interview in 2010, in US Weekly “I’m proud of my Jewish nose”. her appearance on the 6th ep. of s 08 of Who do you think you are? (May the Holy One, blessed be He, remember her family members that were killed during the Shoah) on TLC “I feel Jewish but now I really have the knowledge to back it up.”… “I feel the most connected to my Jewish roots.” and some phrases come to mind “affirmative acts of Jewish identity” “for those beyond childhood claiming Jewish identity public declarations may be substituted after a consultation with a Rabbi”…

  6. russia hockey jersey says:

    The below yr as a consequence of NHL lockout he or she enjoyed his close friend Gasper Kopitar in Sweden.

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