2,500 Attend Chabad’s Ukraine Purim Bash

March 13, 2012  

A unique large scale celebration was held at Kharkov’s central circus for Purim, under the supervision of the local Chabad community.

About 2,500 people gathered to take part in the Ukrainian city’s central Purim party. The event was opened by Kharkov’s Chief Rabbi, Rav Moshe Moskovich.

After his opening words, festivities began. These included a performance by the children who learn at the Chabad schools in Kharkov, as well as acrobatics, stunts, clowns, lions – and a surprising premiere performance by the Kharkov Boys Choir led by cantor Yitzchak Halfon.

Rav Levi Reitzes read the Megilla before the large audience, which erupted in boos and catcalls whenever the evil Haman’s name was mentioned. The report was filed by Arutz Sheva‘s “Israel 7” Russian language website.

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  1. Peace Man says:

    It’s good to see Jews feeling comfortable in that part of the world.

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