10 Rockets in 1 Hour; No Ceasefire

March 12, 2012  

Gaza terrorists launched a particularly heavy assault on southern cities on Monday morning, firing off 10 rockets in a single hour. Rockets were fired at Be’er Sheva, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Kiryat Malachi and other towns.

Three of the rockets were shot down by the Iron Dome system, which targets incoming missiles that are on path to hit populated areas.

In related news, Islamic Jihad spokesmen declared that they have no intention of agreeing to a ceasefire. Hamas head in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh had claimed Sunday that Gaza terrorists were amenable to a ceasefire agreement.

The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad has been responsible for many of the more than 150 rocket attacks carried out since Friday.

The Palestinian Authority has reacted to the latest round of attacks by calling on the United Nations to condemn Israel. IDF strikes in Gaza constitute “violence, terror… [and] crimes against the Palestinian people,” PA officials claimed.

The IDF has carried out several airstrikes in Gaza, killing at least 20 terrorists and one 12-year-old boy, who was killed in a strike on a rocket-launching site.

Senior IDF officers say Gaza terrorists are the ones responsible for any injury to Gaza civilians. The IDF has carried out highly accurate pinpoint strikes on terror targets, they say, but civilians are hurt nonetheless due to terrorists’ policy of operating from within crowded areas.

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