10 Murdered in 20 Days of Arab Terror

October 20, 2015  

Since the young Henkin couple was murdered in front of their four children on October 1, a day after Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas effectively canceled the 1994 Oslo Accords at the UN, Israel has been witness to a wave of Arab terrorism.

Magen David Adom (MDA) on Tuesday released official figures about the terror victims, recording that in the past 20 days no less than 10 victims have been murdered by Arab terrorists in Israel.

The victims include Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin who were gunned down near Itamar in Samaria; Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Bennett who were stabbed to death in Jerusalem’s Old City; Haviv Chaim and Alon Guverg who were murdered by terrorists in a shooting attack on a bus in Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv; and Rabbi Yeshiyahu Krishevsky who was murdered in a car attack in Jerusalem’s Geula the same day.

Also among the victims were IDF soldier Omri Levy murdered in Be’er Sheva’s Central Station and the Eritrean infiltrator who was killed by a security guard who mistook him for an accomplice of the terrorist in that attack, as well as Avraham Asher Hasno murdered by an Arab truck driver on Tuesday in a rock attack ambush near Hevron.

Aside from the dead, MDA also listed that its medics have treated no fewer than 112 terror victims of car, stabbing and shooting attacks around the country since the start of the month.

Of the wounded, 11 of them were seriously wounded, 17 moderately wounded, and 84 suffered light wounds.

MDA calls on the public to follow the instructions of security forces, remain aware and contact the MDA 101 hotline should the need for emergency medical treatment arise.

The organization has also called on the general public to donate blood at MDA stations throughout the country in light of the security situation.

Eli Bein, Director General of MDA, said, “MDA forces in recent days are in high levels of preparedness in light of the wave of terror attacks throughout the country, we are ready and prepared for any incident in any place and working day and night to save lives.”

“In the name of all the workers and volunteers of MDA, I would like to join in the sorrow of all the bereaved families and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded.”

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