10 Most Jewish Friendly Countries in the World

June 2, 2014  

The Anti-Defamation League recently released a comprehensive report on world anti-Semitism, revealing some surprising facts about what nations harbor the most deep-seated anti-Jewish sentiments. Here are the  top 10 least anti-Semitic countries.

10. Thailand

Thirteen percent of Thai responders hold anti-Semitic views, letting Thailand just make it onto this list. Thailand starts a trend that will continue–nearly half of the nations on this list will come from Asia.



9. Tanzania

Tanzania’s anti-Semitic rating came in at 12 percent, and it is the only African nation to make this list. It earned the ninth spot here, despite 95 percent of Tanzanians saying they had never met a Jewish person before.



8. Denmark

Nine percent of Denmark’s adults hold anti-Semitic views, just keeping it out of the three least anti-Semitic nations in Europe.



7. United States

The US garnered an anti-Semitism rating of 9 percent, making it the least anti-Semitic country in all of the Americas. And with arguably the best Holocaust education programs (outside of Israel), it’s no wonder only 1 percent or US respondents said the Holocaust was a myth and did not happen.



6. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom–comprehensively England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland–did pretty well for itself in the ADL study, bringing in an anti-Semitic index rating of 8 percent and showing up its American cousin by one percentage point.



5. Vietnam

Vietnam received a 6 percent anti-Semitic index rating, one of the three lowest in Asia. Zero percent of those polled in Vietnam said the Holocaust was a myth or did not happen the way reported.



4. Netherlands

Five percent of respondents in the Netherlands held anti-Semitic views, making it one of the least anti-Semitic nations in all of Europe.



3. Sweden

Sweden earns the title of least anti-Semitic nation in Europe, with an anti-Semitism rate of 4 percent. In the survey, only 2 percent of Swedish responders said Jews are responsible for most of the world’s war.



2. Philippines

The Philippines has a rate of anti-Semitism of just 3 percent, and only 2 percent of Filipinos think Jews have too much control over the media.




Laos earned the top spot on this list with an impressive statistic–according to the ADL , only 0.2 percent of Laos adults hold anti-Semitic views. Mazel!

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  1. IsraeliGirl143 says:

    Denmark is my favorite country! They are everyone friendly!

  2. Susanta Ghosh says:

    Where is India? We are not only friend, partner also. Do you never feels India as a friend, but we feels from heart.

  3. me says:

    USA has a large Jewish population. We are well developed. You are welcomed here. The world is getting crazy now. You will find safety and friendship for Jews in USA.

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